I was born in Enakievo (Small town in Ukraine, Donetsk province). In 1996 I started going to school. I disliked learning some subjects, like geography, etc, but I had a friendship with mathematics.
In 2007 I moved to Donetsk city. Graduated Donetsk National Technical University with best knowledge level. I've got the speciality: engineer of information control systems. I started coding in school and ever since I have been enjoying being a developer. Learned several simple languages like Turbo Pascal and Visual Basic.
Starting from third year of my studing in university I started to work. My first job was "KONTI". It is huge confectionary. I worked as a junior developer and learned a lot of new stuffs, especially I received strong knowledge with MS-SQL Server and database management.
Next my more serious work was Ego-CMS company in this company I've received a lot of really serious knowledge about .NET technology and about web programming. This company worked with two serious clients Qwest and JayBird company. For this last company we built serious system which helped working with call center (Flex, .NET, MS SQL Server). And also I was as a main developer for KikScore project. I worked in this company two years
Next my work was Binary-Studio company. I worked under project which helps to set schedule for employees. (Libraries and technologies: .NET, MS-SQL, Azure, ASP.NET MVC, Jquery, CSS 3, HTML 5, Entity Framework, Web developing for mobile devices).
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NAME: Sergey Kliuev
BIRTH DATE: January 29, 1988
PLACE OF BIRTH: Enakievo, Ukraine